Saline Flushes

Saline Flush Manufacturing

If your healthcare system is looking to maintain sufficient supply of saline flushes, without the frustration of delayed or unfilled orders, there is a new solution on the horizon. Isikel will soon be manufacturing pre-filled saline flush syringes that come sterilized, individually wrapped, and ready for use in clinical environments. As medical supply chains have struggled to provide adequate saline flush supplies over the past few years, Isikel has responded and is preparing to help your medical facilities get the supplies they need on hand for safe and efficient patient care.


  • 10mL of saline in a 12mL syringe
  • Syringes made of Polypropylene
  • Sterilized by steam generated terminal sterilizer in house; eliminating the need for 3rd party sterilization services
  • Individually wrapped
  • Capability to expand to SWFI [Sterile Water For Injection] and Heparin
  • Capability to fill at 3mL and 5mL sizes

Isikel Is A Supply Chain Solution For Saline Flushes

Several factors have caused US healthcare facilities to struggle with keeping a consistent supply of saline flushes on hand. The scarcity began with the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive demand that it brought for flushes. The problem was then exacerbated by vendor supply chain issues, including the permanent discontinuance of some pre-filled saline lock flush syringes. 


Saline flushes are a critical component of everyday patient care in many different types of facilities and hospitals. While the FDA has released guidelines for how to navigate these shortages (including conservation and using heparin lock flush syringes if indicated), manufacturing more saline flushes here in the US is a long-term solution that Isikel is proud to be a part of.

Isikel Pre-Filled Saline Flushes

Our pre-filled flushes will be individually wrapped and sterilized in-house by steam generated terminal sterilizers. Our 10mL saline flushes will be filled in a 12mL polypropylene syringe. Our flushes will have the capability to expand to SWFI (Sterile Water For Injection) and Heparin, and can also be filled at 3mL and 5mL sizes.

About Saline Flushes

A saline flush is used to prevent vascular access (intravenous) systems from becoming blocked and to help remove any medication that may be left at a patient’s catheter site. Saline flush is typically composed of water and 0.9% sodium chloride (saline), a solution that is compatible with your body’s tissues and fluids. 

What Is Saline Flush Used For?

The solution is used to push or “flush” any residual medication or fluid that is in the patient’s IV into their veins. This keeps their IV line clean between medications. Residual medication at the catheter site can increase patient risk of infection. Saline flushes are used to prevent patient infection, prevent incompatible drugs from mixing in the IV, and to prevent IV catheters from becoming blocked. 

When Is Saline Flush Performed?

Saline flushing is performed before and after medication is given through the patient’s IV lines. If more than one medication is given, a saline flush is used between each medicine to prevent incompatible drugs from mixing. 

Saline flushing is also performed every eight hours to keep the line clean and open.

Saline flush is not needed when an IV is in continuous use.

How Is A Saline Flush Administered?

A healthcare provider will first clean the IV hub or port. Next, the sterile IV saline flush syringe is connected to the port and the saline solution is injected into the IV line. After the flush has been administered, the healthcare provider will remove the syringe and administer the IV medication into the line. They will then perform another IV saline flush to ensure the line is clear of residual medication. If another medication is given, a flush will be performed again (and after each medication given). 

In addition to our Saline Flushes, we will also manufacture Nitrile Gloves and Saline Bags.