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Saline flushes, or IV flush syringes, are used by hospitals and other medical facilities to keep intravenous lines free and clear of debris, air bubbles, and residual medication. They are a critical medical supply that ensures the safe delivery of IV medications required for patient care.

What Are The Benefits Of Prefilled Saline Flushes?

We have found that the two most prominent advantages of choosing prefilled saline flushes include their safety and convenience features. 

Sterilized, prefilled saline flushes have a shelf life of 2-3 years, compared to a manually prepared syringe that is only usable for a few hours and carries a greater risk of becoming contaminated (if not used immediately after preparation). 

The single-use design helps to reduce the risk of medication errors and cross-contamination. 

Using pre-filled syringes also saves time and allows for quicker drug administration, which can be critical in emergency situations.

Prefilled Saline Flush Product Details

Each 10mL unit contains 0.9% USP Sodium Chloride Injection sterile water. The product has been terminally sterilized and individually packaged with a two year shelf life. This product does not contain any natural latex and is UDI compliant.

This product features:

  • A low break force construction that reduces incidental product waste
  • A needle-free design that eliminates the risk of an inadvertent needlestick
  • Distinct and prominent labeling for easy identification of syringe size and volume

Saline Flush Quality And Control Features

Prefilled saline syringes provide your clinicians with a medical-grade, terminally-sterile, ready-to-use solution to enhance patient care and improve clinical workflow. They also reduce the risk for medication error and inadvertent needlestick injuries.
The flushes are manufactured and sterilized on-site in the U.S.A. Vertically integrated manufacturing processes ensure that the product is inspected at each and every step throughout assembly.
All of the sterile saline and water is produced on-site to guarantee that our products meet the highest standards of purification. On-site chemistry labs provide an additional level of product integrity, pre- and post-sterilization. All syringes, including the fluid pathway, are terminally sterilized to eliminate the risk of solution contamination.

Supply Chain Solution For Saline Flushes

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Partnering with Isikel is your hospital’s supply chain safe solution for maintaining a reliable stock of flushes.

Saline flushes are a large-volume, high-need supply for all hospitals and most medical facilities. Without an adequate supply of saline flushes for your clinicians and care providers to access, they won’t be able to provide the best level of patient care.

Supply chains for IV flush syringes have suffered disruption for many years, making it difficult for hospitals to keep a consistent supply of flushes on hand. Isikel has worked to support the supply chain of saline infusion supplies by sourcing and stocking from other distributors, as well as building a brand new saline flush manufacturing facility here in the U.S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saline Flushes

What is a saline flush?

A saline flush is composed of water and 0.9% sodium chloride (saline), a solution that is compatible with your body’s tissues and fluids. 

What is saline flush used for?

Saline flush is used to prevent vascular access (intravenous) systems from becoming blocked and to help remove any medication that may be left at a patient’s catheter site. The solution will push or “flush” any residual medication or fluid that is in the patient’s IV into their veins. Saline flushes are used to prevent patient infection, prevent incompatible drugs from mixing in the IV, and to prevent IV catheters from becoming blocked. 

When is a saline flush performed?

Saline flushing is performed before and after medication is given through the patient’s IV lines. If more than one medication is given, a saline flush is used between each medicine to prevent incompatible drugs from mixing. 

Saline flushing is also performed every eight hours to keep the line clean and open.

Saline flush is not needed when an IV is in continuous use.

How is a saline flush administered?

A healthcare provider will first clean the IV hub or port. Next, the sterile IV saline flush syringe is connected to the port and the saline solution is injected into the IV line. After the flush has been administered, the healthcare provider will remove the syringe and administer the IV medication into the line. They will then perform another IV saline flush to ensure the line is clear of residual medication. If another medication is given, a flush will be performed again (and after each medication given). 

Where can I buy prefilled saline syringes?

IV flush syringes are available from wholesale medical supply distributors like Isikel.